• Our global team are committed to helping you solve the toughest innovation problems and helping you capture your greatest opportunities.









  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to move thinking forward on the urgent and important issues that affect people right now and will affect us in the future.


    So at Venturetec, we handle difficult problems across all industries, from banking and finance to engineering and science. And in order to do that, we shape and form multidisciplinary groups who bring an extensive variety of skill and experience.


    We are a vast and varied group – entrepreneurs, engineers, programmers, accountants, business show anchors, developers – and we, as a whole, carry alternate points of view to our work. So put your talents to use where opportunities are limitless and every day makes a difference.


    Whether you’re an experienced professional or a recent graduate, working with Venturetec could be a challenging and rewarding next step in your career.

  • Our Culture, Our Values

    Venturetec has developed a culture, in a joint effort with the initiatives of firm partners and advisors from around the globe, concentrating on innovative thinking and corporate ventures across all industries. Our shared values describe the core principles that distinguish the Venturetec culture. These include:


    Driven to help our clients reach success and share our strategies to inspire and empower others to accomplish their own success.


    Working together through idea sharing and brainstorming to provide solutions and achieve common goals.​


    Determined to help our clients grow and succeed by shifting their thinking and business models and adapting to changes in their environment.​​


    Be the catalyst to inspire and cultivate the talents of our teammates to improve our clients’ performances.


    Constantly learning about the world around us and validating our findings by demonstrating what we have learnt to our clients.​

  • Our Client Service

    Innovation Consulting

    You will be working to solve our client’s most challenging innovation issues – incorporating critical thinking, industry expertise, and proprietary tools and capabilities to initiate change and lasting impact. Regardless of whether you are an advisor to top management or a mentor for the employees, we are a team where everyone contributes their experience and expertise.

    Lean Innovation

    Along with our partners at Moves the Needle, you will help bring Lean Startup methodology to our clients. Implementing and disciplining innovation through improving customer-centricity and building capabilities within our clients to define and launch growth in their business.

    Venture Advisory

    We use our expertise and experience to deliver advisory services to our clients in their investment strategies and help establish venture funds within their business. From defining venturing strategies to assisting in generating performance management frameworks, we guide our clients to making the right equity investments.

    Innovation Diagnostics

    To help create the most value for our clients, we measure the organisation’s innovation success. We bring the latest diagnostic tools to perform strategy & portfolio analysis and assess our clients’ innovation culture and capabilities.

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