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The Customer Journey

Innovation Tools: How to nail your most valuable metrics using the customer journey

Everyone is on a journey.

Some quite consciously, others perhaps unknowingly, but they still are moving, evolving, and hopefully growing.

Businesses are inevitably a part of the journey. Through their products and services, they influence the experience. Their influence might be, quite frankly for better or for worse. Or both.

All of our individual journeys are made up of numerous sub-journeys. These are the different threads of our lives made up of people: family, friends, business relationships.

They're made up of the actual trips we take; the phases of our life from childhood to adolescence, school, work and maybe college and careers. And, some of those sub-journeys include our relationships with the companies who sell us products.

I believe it's each of our responsibility to be conscious of our journeys and to seek to better ourselves. But it's also our responsibility to help others on their journeys. And so, in business, part of our responsibility is when creating products and services, that we help others on their journeys: we should provide value to human beings.

It’s no coincidence, in fact, that in business, we leverage experts who actually map those relationships and call them, lo and behold “customer journeys.” And the job of User Experience (UX) professionals is to make those customer journeys great.

The Value Stream Discovery Board provides a way to view a customer's interaction with a company. It describes the journey from the customer’s perspective. It doesn’t look only at the experience with a particular product, but rather the customer's relationships with a company -- from first becoming aware to becoming passionate.

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