Commercialising a secure and trusted Platform as a Service for an Australian Government business enterprise



The Digital Delivery Centre (DDC) of one of Australia’s most trusted brands built a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution with unique security and compliance features to power their e-commerce and digital trusted services. Significant investment was approved for commercialisation of the product as the client considered this to be a sizable market opportunity, specifically within its Government customer segment.



Venturetec co-sourced a new ventures project team with key technical resources from the DDC. Under the guidance of Venturetec’s engagement lead-coach, we took a structured lean innovation approach involving a series of B2B customer discovery sessions and rapid experiments to rapidly (in)validate the customer desirability, technical feasibility and commercial viability of the solution.



Within a short timeframe we were able to confidently present a strong ‘no-go’ recommendation to the executive sponsor based on evidence gathered through the engagement. This enabled the executive sponsor to make an informed, evidenced-based decision to cease further commercialisation activities relating to the PaaS, allowing the reallocation of budget and resources to other prioritised commercial opportunities.