Building an Internal Innovation Coaching System


Leadership development: The ultimate guide to building an internal innovation coaching system

Pam Krengel | Moves the NeedleNovember 5, 2018


Digital technology, the accelerated pace of change, and the evolving relationship between businesses and their customers all have an effect on how organisations must operate in order to remain relevant in today’s shifting business landscape.


The fact is, companies must be more agile, understand their customers deeply, and make bold moves in order to survive.


At the heart of this transformation mindset is Lean Innovation. And when you think of innovation transformation, there are many pieces that need to come together.


You have your leaders who have identified the need for change and have set the overarching strategy that guides the transformation, and you have your practitioners who are being educated in new ways of thinking and who are actively learning and applying Lean Innovation techniques.


But, that’s not all there is to it.


You also need your internal champions for innovation - the coaches - to educate and guide teams on how to work in this new way, and the systems in place to support their continuous development.


These Champions act as the backbone when an organisation decides to kick-start transformation and are a key component in order for the transformation to take hold and eventually scale across the organisation.


What is the Role of an Innovation Coach?


There are two main functions of an innovation coach.


The first is to turn a talented group of people with diverse departmental backgrounds into a cross-functional, high-performance team that has embraced and internalised the 3 ‘s of Lean Innovation.


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